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Who are we?

Michigan Fence Repair, LLC is a local fence contracting company founded by fence expert John Burke. John is the founder and former CEO of an Inc 5000 fence company which John started in 2010 and grew into the highest rated and most trusted fence company in Southeast Michigan!

Since then, John has moved away from Southeast Michigan, to Livingston County where he lives on a small family farm and provides fence contracting services as an independent contractor.

Why Hire Us?

  • 20 Years Experience
  • Lifetime Workmanship Warranty
  • Fast, Easy & FREE Estimates
  • Drug Free & Alcohol Free
  • Great Communication
  • Quality/Professional Products

Highly Trusted & Qualified Fence Contractor

John is not just another fence contractor in Michigan. He is a true fence professional and is recognized as such by many local fence manufacturers and organizations. John started installing fences when he was 19 years old (20 years ago as of 2023) and has made it his life choice to develop into a leader in the fence industry.

“I take great pride in being honest, having good communication and being a reliable contractor. I am not perfect, but I am as dependable as it gets!”

John Burke