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Fence Repair Services

Save money and avoid having to buy an entire new fence by allowing us to repair your existing fence! Sometimes a damaged fence can be repaired by replacing some rotted / broken posts and replacing damaged boards. Our fence repair services may give your old fence several more years of life and delay the need to spend lots of money on replacing the fence entirely!

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Samples of our fence repair work

If you are experiencing trouble with your existing fence and wondering if it can be repaired or if it will need to be replaced, allow us to inspect it for you and offer some advice on how best to fix or replace your old fence! Below are some some of our previous fence repairs:

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Common types of fence repairs

There are many different types of fence repair services that we can perform for you. Below is a list of some of the more common fence repair calls we receive and can help you with:

Fence Post Replacement

If your fence posts are rotted or broken and leaning/falling over, we may be able to replace them with new posts and restore your current fence back to good working order!

Heaving Fence Posts

There are many reasons why your fence posts can heave up out of the ground but the post common reasons are 1) they were not installed properly to begin with or 2) there is excess moisture under ground. In any event, we can correct your heaving posts and reduce the chances of your posts heaving again in the future!

Defective Fence Parts

Over time, parts of your fence may wear down and become defective. When this happens we may be able to replace those defective parts and bring your fence back to its glory days!

Tree Fall Damage

It is quite common for us to receive calls regarding damages to a fence from a tree or branch falling on the fence. Often times, we can simply review a few pictures of your damaged fence and provide you with a solution and estimate!

Wind Damage

Wind is a powerful force! We have seen it destroy many fences and gates for various reasons. There is often an underlying issue such as rotted fence posts or a gate that has been left open and slams shut due to the wind. If you have recently experienced wind damage to your fence, we can help restore it back to normal condition!

Vehicle Damage

Unfortunately the unexpected can happen and a neighbor, friend or relative can crash into our fence and cause damage. These are not often too expensive of repairs and can usually be performed in one working day.

Fast, Easy & Free Fence Estimates

No more spending hours with a pushy sales person. Our estimating is fast and simple. We will usually have your fence estimate to you within 24 hours!