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Fence Installation

No more worrying about hiring a bad fence contractor! From our first conversation, you will be confident that hiring us for your fence project will ensure that your project receives proper attention and you receive good communication along the way! We offer new fence installations for all types of fences including: vinyl fence, chain link fence, aluminum fence, wood fencing, Pool fences, farm fencing and more!

Fence Repair

Extend the life of your fence with our professional and reliable fence repair services! We can repair all types of damaged fence situstions including: post replacement, fence rebuilds, tree damage, wind damage, gate repairs, heaving fence posts, insurance claims and more. We understand that your fence repair is urgent so most repair projects can be completed in one working day!

Railing Installation

Keep your family and friends safe with quality hand railing that is properly installed to last for a long time! We offer deck and porch railing in ornamental aluminum and vinyl (pvc) options. Both railing types come in many different color options to provide a great color match to your home and the perfect completion or upgrade to your patio, porch or deck! Most railing projects can be completed in just one day!

Post Hole Digging

Are you looking to do a project on your own but not wanting to dig the post holes? Allow us to help! Whether you are building a deck, installing a fence, mailbox post or anything else that requires a post hole digging, We can take care of the digging for you using our powered auger or tractor auger! Allow us to do the hardest part of your project for you by digging your post holes to your desired depth and location!

Pressure Washing & Staining

Bring your old wood fence back to life with a fresh pressure washing and staining! This fence maintenance is absolutely vital to prolonging the life of your wood fence and making sure it remains beautiful for many years to come! We offer professional power-washing and staining services on a one-time basis or as a routine maintenance for your fence and use only the best BEHR exterior stain products!

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Mailbox Installation

Do you need a mailbox (or mailboxes) installed for your home, community, or place of business? OR Do you need your current mailbox repaired or protected from the force of snow plowing? If so, then our mailbox installation service is exactly what you need!

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Looking For Fence Installation or Repair in Stockbridge?

You’re in luck because we offer just that, fence installation and fence repair services in Stockbridge! As well as with other fence and railing related services. Below is a list of information that may be helpful in your research for having a fence installed in Stockbridge. You will find information such as fence ordinances, fence permit details, Stockbridge building department info, etc. If you have a question or would like to have us install your fence, please feel free to Contact Us.

Fence Ordinances in Stockbridge Michigan

Below is a list of some important parts of the fence ordinances in Stockbridge. This is for reference only and is not a complete list of ordinances. The details below should never be used to settle a dispute or legal situation. For the full details of Stockbridge fence ordinances, Click Here.

  • Fences installed in a front yard can NOT be solid privacy, must have 50% visibility (ie: picket style) and have a minimum height of 3-feet tall and a maximum height allowed of 4-feet tall.
  • Fences installed in a side yard can be solid privacy and have a minimum height of 3-feet tall and a maximum height of 4-feet tall.
  • Fences installed in a rear yard can be solid privacy and have a minmum height requirement of 4-feet tall and a maximum height allowed of 6-feet tall.
  • All fences must be installed within the property line UNLESS there is a written/signed neighbor approval stating that the fence can be installed on the the shared property line.
  • Fences must be installed 5-feet away from any public sidewalk or right-of-way
  • Gates shall not open over any public sidewalk or right-of-way
  • No barbed wire, razor wire, electric charges, shapr points shall be allowed on any fence.
  • Fences installed on a corner lot must observe a traffic visibility area measured 25-feet in either direction of the corner of the property / intersection of the road. No fence shall be installed in this area.
  • Fences installed on a corner lot must observe a pedestrian visibility area measured 20-feet in either direction of the intersecting point of the driveway and road. No fence shall be installed in this area.

Fence Permit Requirements in Stockbridge, MI.

The following items are required for obtaining a fence permit in Stockbridge. Once you have them prepared, simply deliver them to the city building department for approval.

  • Permit Application
  • Permit Fee: $50
  • One (1) copy of site plan / proposed fence location.
  • Drawing/Specs/Picture of proposed fence
  • One (1) copy of a mortgage survey or property survey showing the property lines in relation to the home.

Stockbridge, MI Building Department

Address: 125 S Clinton St, Stockbridge, MI 49285

Phone: (517) 851-9362


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